Most Frequently  Asked  Questions 
*How do I know what projects you offer?

 You can view all of our projects on our projects page 

*How do I register for a class?

To register for a workshop, click our " Event Calendar" Choose what kind of project you want to do and select a date that is offered. Choose the design you want, and register online for that class so we can have your stencil and supplies ready when you arrive. If you have friends joining, be sure to let us know in the seating preference.

*What is the average cost?

Starting price is $35.00 but can go up from there depending on design, size, and add ons. $35-$75.

*Private Party Policy:

Weekdays before 7pm:
Minimum: 7, Maximum: 30

Monday and Tuesday nights:
Minimum: 7, Maximum: 30

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights:
Minimum: 20, Maximum: 30

Minimum: 20, Maximum: 30

If you cannot meet the minimum number of guests for a private party you can always have everyone attend the same Open Workshop. When each person books they can list who they would like to sit with and your group will be seated together!

 Your empty seats can not be filled with projects to reach your minimum guest. 

* Low attendance : In the event that a class has less than 8 people event can  be cancelled  with a refund or class transfer. 

*Can I change my sign at party?  Once sign has been cut there is a $15.00 fee to recut sign for any changes you would like to be made.

*What happens if my sign messes up? Please try to listen step by step and we will do our best to help you. We are unable to give a refund for designs that do mess up.

*Can I have a custom sign made?

Yes, we love to design custom signs. We have some custom designs but if you have a special sign you would like message us for a custom sign a small fee will apply

* What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the custom nature of our projects and required reserved seating in our workshop spaces, we do not offer refunds. We will be happy to transfer you to a future class as outlined by the following guidelines:

72 Hours Advance Notice: To avoid any Transfer Fees, please give us a minimum of 72 hours advance notice if you or your group are unable to attend your reserved workshop session.  We will happily reschedule you for any future class within the following 30 days.

Late Notice Cancellation: (<72 hours) Any notice given LESS THAN 72 hours prior to a class will be subject to a Transfer Fee in order to be transferred to a future class (Original project and/or design only please).

‘No-Show’ Attendees:  Any guest that is a “No-Show” for their reserved workshop session will forfeit the missed session and will need to pay to re-register.  

*Can I bring a friend who wont be painting?

Unfortunately, due to state laws and fire safety codes, we cannot accommodate more than one guest per project so that we do not go over capacity. Due to the nature of our class instruction and workshop environment, only one person per project is permitted. Non-registered guests to a Workshop can purchase a project to work on if there is an available open seat in the workshop.

*Can I bring food and drinks?

Yes, at our Wichita location you may bring in food and snacks.

*What do I wear to a splatter party?

Wear clothes and shoes that can get messy.  So wear play shoes and clothing. 

*How many can enter a splatter room?

Each splatter room holds 15 people at a time per fire safety rules we can not add more children into a room. We have one room so each group of children will take turns