Sample Contract


Criteria for acceptance is as follows: aesthetics and design, technical competence, originality, presentation, retail potential, suitability to our space limitations, and whether the items are in direct competition with other consignees or artists. Please include a short biography or an artist statement, and a retail price list .


Any artwork intended to hang on the wall must have the appropriate hardware attached. Any artist cards or business cards provided, attached or otherwise, will be displayed at our discretion. All items must be clean, undamaged and ready to display.


The Busted Pallet Responsibilities to Consignee General The Busted Pallet consignment rate is 30% of the retail price. Checks for work sold at The Busted Pallet will be issued monthly, no later than the 15th of the month following the sale(s). Month end balance of less that $20 will have their balance held until the amount owed to them is at least $20. Returns of defective merchandise to the Consignee will be dealt with on an individual basis. Items that are proven to be defective or do not meet The The Busted Pallet's Standards of Quality will be removed from our inventory and will be returned to the Consignee at their expense or may be picked up. The Busted Pallet is covered by insurance for fire and criminal activities i.e. breaking and entering.

Inventory is reviewed on a regular basis. The Store reserves the right to remove any item that has not sold within 3 months of its arrival. Season items will be put on clearance  25% off week of and 50% off week after holiday. If you do not want items to be marked down please state in vendor application. We ask that arrangements be made to collect these items within 14 days of notice.


The Busted Pallet retains the right to determine how Consignee’s products will be displayed, including quantities and selection. The Store strives to maintain strong displays based on factors such as space, seasonal market and sales history. Displays are restocked and rotated frequently.

Marketing and Promotion

The Busted Pallet retains the right to display and market consigned products through its retail marketing opportunities. This includes our web site, promotional events, advertising and in-store displays. The Busted Pallet provides written and verbal information about its craftspeople and their work as provided by the craftsperson. Please submit 2-4 photos of your work to be used for marketing purposes.

Consignee’s Responsibilities

Delivery of Product

All product brought into The Busted Pallet must have an accompanying invoice with a description of each item, quantity, and retail price. The Consignee owns their work until it has sold. The responsibility is upon the Consignee to maintain their own inventory record of the product(s) and price(s) they have submitted. Unless the Consignee provides their own invoices with each delivery, The Busted Pallet is not responsible for inventory discrepancies.

Consignment product delivered to The Busted Pallet must be properly packaged for storage and formally received by a staff person. If possible, please deliver product during week days to alleviate congestion on a busy weekend. When a Consignee chooses to remove inventory from The Busted Pallet, at least 2 days’ notice must be given. Pricing It is the consignee’s responsibility to ensure that the prices provided are retail prices. The Store will only be responsible for paying consignment amounts on the prices listed on their invoice. The Consignee must maintain consistency in their retail pricing. The selling price on product at The Busted Pallet and local Craft Fairs or Markets should be the same. If a Consignee wishes to make changes to their retail prices, they must state the changes in writing and a list of items affected must be provided.

Craft Fairs/Markets

The consignee must notify The Busted Pallet of any product they wish to remove from the Store 14 days prior to any Fair. This allows staff the time to remove and prepare stock, write up all paperwork and make inventory adjustments. Consignees are encouraged to maintain a full display of work in The Busted Pallet during Fair dates. When displays are emptied it diminishes the integrity of The Busted Pallet and ultimately sales and return customers are lost. Consignees who return any removed product to the Store after a Craft Fair or Market must ensure that it is returned with an invoice as with any new shipment. Once inventory is removed the Consignee cannot be guaranteed the same space in the Store.

By applying as a consignee you accept these terms.

Please phone the Store at 316-558-3201 or email

if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in The Busted Pallet.

The Busted Pallet 4935 W. Central STE. 110 Wichita, KS 67205