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  • How To Register:

Join us for a 2.5 hour workshop.

Age 16+ Everyone in studio must pay to paint.

  • Please PRE register 48 hours before event!
  • Join us at The Busted Pallet for a DIY class to make a Framed Wood Sign or Project of Choice ! Customize your project with your choice of stain and designer paint colors. Bring your own drink or snacks to enjoy during the workshop. Each time you attend a workshop, you will receive a stamp on your DIY Makers Card and be closer to earning a free workshop! (up to a $65.50 value)

    **Scroll Down To See Project Designs Click Photo to enlarge project view **

1. Scroll through and choose your project design from our photo collection. Make note of the design name.
2. Choose the quantity for your project and fill our registration form.
3. On the registration form, enter the Design Name (required in order to prepare your stencil) and personalization, if applicable, for your project. Proceed with checkout.

Our DIY Makers Program : Each time you attend a workshop, you will receive a stamp on your DIY Makers card and be closer to earning a free workshop (up to a $65.50 value). Makers cards are non-transferable and are stamped for your visit.

Prompt Start Time: We start promptly at the indicated workshop time. Please be mindful of this and know that if you arrive more than 10 minutes late, we may ask you to reschedule as a courtesy to other guests.

Sharing of Projects: Each person attending a workshop will need to work on his or her own project rather than sharing one. We do make an exception for date nights that are labeled on our calendar.

Design Changes After Registering: If you change your design after submitting your registration and we have printed your stencil, we do have a $15 reprint fee.

Refunds: Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer refunds as typically we have already began editing your design and printing your stencil. If you cannot attend on the night you registered for and did not use a promotion, please email us ASAP and we can transfer your registration to a different date. 

2/8 7pm Vermillion PTO Workshop Wichita

2/8 7pm Vermillion PTO Workshop Wichita

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Blanket Ladder, Dog feeder, Bottle opener, Cornhole , Scrabble Tile

Blanket Ladders $55.00

Bottle Opener $35

Framed Signs $45.00+

12x24 Framed Sign $45

Adventure 12x24 Framed

Family Table 12x24 Framed

Orchard 12x24 Framed

Cocoa 12x24 Framed

Together 12x24

beautiful girl 12x24

this is us family 12x24

Life takes 12x24

Loral 12x24

free range 12x24

Together we are family 12x24

Old Flag 12x24 Frames

Get Naked 12x24 Framed

Fancy Name 12x24 Framed

self at home 12x24

God Knew 12x24

Wild Flower 12x24

gather swirl 12x24

The Mom 12x24

humble kind 12x24

be the mom 12x24

Loved You Yesterday 12x24

Happy Camper 12x24 Frame

Hometown 12x25 (pick your city)

welcome 12x24 Framed

Welcome Home 12x24

Morning Gorgeous 12x24

Sons Grow 12x24

Not all lost 12x24

served here 12x24

amazing grace 12x24

Tacos 12x24

dance like 12x24

in this family we 12x24

Kiss Good Night 12x24

1st Home 12x24 Framed

Tree Carved 12x24 Framed

Wheat State 12x24 Framed

Cozy Up 12x24

Let go 12x24

Grandkids life grand 12x24

adventure begin 12x24

Mom we love 12x24

chaos 12x24

4legged word 12x24

TextSomeone to Love 12x24

Framed 14x48 $60

Always Kiss 12x48

country life 12x48

I have Now 12x48

Coffee Bar 12x48

fresh eggs 12x48


You Pick Saying

Coffee Tea 12x48

grow old 12x48

carden family 12x48

And So they 12x48

country kitchen 12x48

pantry 12x48

cause i love you 12x48

because fell in love 12x48

Serving Trays  12; Inch round $35.00 + 

Add Handles & Lazy Susan for $15.00 More

Couples 12" Round $35

Cheer12" Round $35

Tile Tray 12x24 / $55

Beach 12" Round $35.00

Gather 12 " Round $35

Patch 12" Round/ $35

Loral Tray 12x24 $55

Olives 12" Round $35

monogram tray 12x24 $55

Welcome Buffalo 12" $35

Wine Bar Tray 12x24 $55

Blessing 12" Round $35

Initial 12" Round $35

Dash mono 12" round $35

Good Tray 12x24 / $55

SmallSigns $16.00+

6x20 Signs $20

6x20 first coffee

6x20 filthy animal

6x20 laundry

6x20 childsroom

6x20 happy place

6x20 love grows

6x20 alright

6x20 humble kind

6x20 this is us

6x20 familia

6x20 lake life

6x20 welcome

12x12 Framed Signs $35

Amazing Grace 12x12

Family A little 12x12

Nice Poop 12x12

Let it Snow 12x12

Be Thankful 12x12

feather skull 12x12

My Cat 12x12

restroom 12x12

have adventures 12x12

Your Address 12x12

Let me love 12

Home Plate 12x12

Grandchildren 12x12

Fancey 12x12

Sweet Cheeks 12x12

Bless Mess 12x12

Like Fudge 12x12

My aim 12x12

Your Choice 12x12

be a unicorn 12x12

Weed 12x12

doorbell 12x12

You pick Dice 12x12

Dreams 12x12

Party of ___ 12x12

Life is Beach 12x12

Oink Moo 12x12

Enjoy 12x12

and dogs 12x12

wash hands 12x12

walk beside me 12x12

greatplaces 12x12

Love 12x12

cozy 12x12

Be The Good 12x12

Coach 12x12

Country air 12x12

Stay Home 12x12

My Mother 12x12

Text me 12x12

dirty look 12x12

moon & Back 12x12

Kids Designs 12x12

ABC 12x12

football 12x12

Dino 12x12

Baseball 12x12

flowers 12x12

Mermaid 12x12

Threads 12x12

Messy Room 12x12

Llama 12x12

Be Brave 12x12

Princess 12x12

Eat Beef 12x12

Shelf Sitters

$16.00 1 side/ $20.00 2 Sides

Porch Decor $60.00+

4 Ft Porch Signs $60

Double Sided for $75.00

Give Thanks 4ft

WelcomeHome 4ft

cabin 4ft

WSU 4ft

Lake 4ft

Snow 4ft

Welcome 4ft