3pm for a 2.5 hour workshop.

4935 W. Central Wichita KS 67212

USE COUPONCODE "Renee" at Checkout for $25.00 off

Please  PRE register 72 hours before ! If No choice is Made on time you can pick a 12x12 from precut designs.

No talent needed we will teach you everything you need. Pick your project, design, and paint colors. We will supply all you need.

Step one: Check Below to view list of all projects

Step two: Register each person individually Would you like a custom order? Email us at info@thebustedpallet.com

12/15/18 3pm Private Party Renee

12/15/18 3pm Private Party Renee

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Framed Signs $45.00+

Adventure 12x24 Framed

Family Table 12x24 Framed

Orchard 12x24 Framed

Cocoa 12x24 Framed

Old Flag 12x24 Frames

Get Naked 12x24 Framed

Fancy Name 12x24 Framed

Happy Camper 12x24 Frame

Hometown 12x25 (pick your city)

welcome 12x24 Framed

1st Home 12x24 Framed

Tree Carved 12x24 Framed

Wheat State 12x24 Framed

Large 2ft x 4 ft Signs $75.00

Multi Board Sign : $55.00 16x24

Fall Yall 16x24

Farmers 16x24

Lake House 16x24

Tree Farm 16x24

Halloween Subway 16x24

Floral Family 16x24

Large Initial 16x24

Berry 16x24

Witch Lives 16x24

Pumpkin Patch 16x24

You & Dogs 16x24

Sleigh Rides 16x24

Autumn 16x24

Greatest Blessing 16x24

Firepit 16x24

Merry Truck 16x24

Serving Trays  18 & 24 Inches $35.00 + 

Add Handles & Lazy Susan for $15.00 More

Couples 12" Round $35

Cheer12" Round $35

Silent Night 12 " Round /$35

Tile Tray 12x24 / $55

Beach 12" Round $35.00

Gather 12 " Round $35

Merry 12" Round $35

Patch 12" Round/ $35

Wonderful tray 12x24/ $55

santa 12" Round $35.00

Holidays 12 " Round $35

Olives 12" Round $35

Trick or Treat 12" Round $35

Blessing 12" Round $35

Harvest 12 " Round $35

Initial 12" Round $35

Good Tray 12x24 / $55

Mini Signs $16.00+

12x12 Framed Signs $25

Amazing Grace 12x12

Family A little 12x12

Home Grown 12x12

Nice Poop 12x12

Let it Snow 12x12

Home Plate 12x12

Grandchildren 12x12

Fancey 12x12

Sweet Cheeks 12x12

You pick Dice 12x12

Dreams 12x12

Party of ___ 12x12

Halloween 12x12

Sleigh Bells 12x12

Love 12x12

Poison 12x12

cozy 12x12

ABC 12x12

football 12x12

Boo 12x12

Dino 12x12

Baseball 12x12

flowers 12x12

Dab it out 12x12

Uniwitch 12x12

Threads 12x12

Messy Room 12x12

Llama 12x12

Flossboss 12x12

Be Brave 12x12

Princess 12x12

Eat Beef 12x12

Mermaid 12x12

Shelf Sitters

$16.00 1 side/ $20.00 2 Sides

Porch Decor $45.00+

4 Ft Porch Signs $45

Give Thanks 4ft

WelcomeHome 4ft

Trick or Treat 4ft

WSU 4ft

Snow 4ft

Welcome 4ft

Removable O Porch Signs 4ft $45

Make a Porch Sitter and Change out the Middle Signs with the seasons! Each Middle is Double Sided. $7. per side

Home Decor Items  $25.00 +

Blanket Ladders $55.00

Bottle Opener $35